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Examples of rhyming poems

Short poems with rhymes

A poem is defined as a text in which various feelings, emotions or experiences are expressed, it is part of the literary genre of poetry . It can be structured in prose, verse and have a wide or short length, the latter being known as a short poem. Similarly, the poems are characterized by having, for the most part, rhythm and meter. For its part, rhyme is a resource that is not used for all kinds of poems.

Now, a short rhyming poem is described as one that is formed from seven or eight verses. Usually this has a single stanza and it uses the resource of rhyme and meter. The function of the rhyme in this type of poem is to give a similar sound between the words, it adds richness to it. In the case of metrics, it is specifically applied to measure the number of syllables used in a verse.

On the other hand, short poems with rhymes are a widely used tool in the children’s area, it is generally used to teach boys and girls. Its objective is to contribute to learning about rhyme, since it is considered a fundamental element in short poems. In addition, through these it is possible to identify more easily the difference between an assonance rhyme and a consonant rhyme.

Types of rhymes used in short poems

    • Asonant Rhyme: It is also known as partial or imperfect rhyme, this is characterized by being generated only from vowels. Specifically, the assonance rhyme is located after the last stressed vowel in the last syllable of the verse. For example: River and cold, morning and cloudy, hard and cradle.
    • Consonant Rhyme: As its name indicates, this is characterized by including the consonants along with the vowels in the rhyme. Like the assonance rhyme, the consonant rhyme takes into account only the last syllable of the verse. For example: Nights and hide, castle and little boy, January and goatherd.
Types of short poems with rhyme
  • Triplet poem: It is called in such a way because it is composed of only three verses, this can also appear in an extensive poem in the form of a stanza. It is also characterized by being accompanied by a consonant rhyme, this is located in the first and third verse of the poem.
  • Poem quatrain: Its name indicates that it has only four verses. It is mainly characterized by having eight syllables per verse. In the same way, it is formed and composed from a consonant rhyme located in the second and fourth lines.
  • The couplet: It is characterized by being composed from three or four verses, in the same way, by including an assonance rhyme. This is usually found in the even verses, that is, lines two and four.

Examples of rhyming poems

  • The rabbit and the lion, children’s poem.
  • The stems grow, children’s poem.
  • The summer, children’s poem.
  • The chick, a children’s poem.
  • At dawn, a children’s poem.

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