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Examples of retro


Retro concept

Retro is a term used to denote something that has been featured in the past. When that word is used in a sentence, it generally serves to indicate something that happened long ago, or years before.

Words that use the term retro

  • Retroactive : this word refers to something that happened previously, it is a certain aspect that influences something that has already happened. An example of this we can point out the retroactive laws that are those that judge on facts or actions that happened in the past, even before the law existed.
  • Retrospective : talks about the study of the actions or past life of an artist, painter, sculptor, among others. In this way it is possible to review in a minute way the trajectory of an artist’s career.
  • Feedback : it is a word that has this compositional element and that refers to the study and internal feeding of an element or person based on their internal thoughts and emotions or past actions.
Retro style

It refers to a model or action based on clothing, decorations and fashion that was considered that way in years past . It is a way of decorating or walking based on styles from the past or from other times. In this sense, as retro can be considered old clothing, accessories, designs or motifs.

This fact can be clearly estimated in fashion, where propensities from bygone eras are usually in vogue again. However, retro styles can also be verified in other artistic and cultural expressions, such as music, cinema, decoration, among others.

Difference between retro and vintage

  • So retro alludes to a modern creation inspired by past trends.
  • The vintage refers to objects, garments, accessories, among others, that were designed in the past but are very well preserved.
  • The retro evokes the past but does not necessarily have to be an object of the past.
  • The vintage generally refers to objects made or made in the past.
  • To speak of vintage is to speak of things made with many years of antiquity and preserved in good condition.
  • To speak of retro is to speak of things made today based on designs from the past.

Examples of retro

  1. Refrigerators currently designed with shapes from the past.
  2. Makeup with fluorescent colors.
  3. In the case of clothing from the 60s, 70s, 80s, among others.
  4. 80’s music
  5. Hippie style
  6. Telephones of old models of home.
  7. Wide boot pants
  8. Platform shoes

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