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Examples of respect


Respect is part of a set of values that result in a feeling of consideration and appreciation towards other people, animals and things, even situations, it is one of the values that promote tolerance and understanding regarding the right of all human beings both physically and emotionally.

This value is one of the pillars for the development of a society because it allows a closer union between the individuals that make it up, in addition to the appreciation and care of the natural resources of a region, there is also tolerance towards others since Respect implies a level of empathy and understanding towards other people’s customs, ways of acting, thoughts and beliefs, it does not mean that one has to have the same ideals but to appreciate and tolerate them, which must be reciprocal.

The lack of respect in a society can give rise to conflicts which in turn generate tension and in many acts violence and disloyalty, in the same way depending on the degree of the shares and the laws of one such community offenses they can be punished as It can be acts of discrimination towards other people, it can also be the case of attacks against wildlife, archaeological sites and nature reserves.

Respect is considered a universal value since it applies to everyone regardless of age, race, geographical location and other factors, this value must be reciprocal for a society to develop and it is vitally important to teach it from an early age, as we said this It does not imply that one should think in the same way as others, but it does mean avoiding any offensive act by putting ourselves in the same place and learning from them and vice versa.

Examples of respect

  1. Respect for animal life
  2. Respect for oneself
  3. Respect for minorities
  4. Be considerate of people with some type of disability
  5. Understanding and empathy for people who have just lost a loved one
  6. Always speak with the truth
  7. Responsibility when doing work with other people
  8. Respect for people of other nationalities regardless of their ideologies and customs
  9. Respect for the opinion of others
  10. Respect for thoughts contrary to one’s own
  11. Being punctual is respecting the other’s time
  12. Wait your turn when it belongs
  13. Return something to someone who has lent it
  14. Help someone who is lost
  15. Do not retaliate against an adverse opinion
  16. Accept defeat in a game
  17. Take care of nature
  18. Help the underprivileged
  19. Complete an assigned task in the stipulated time
  20. Perform the tasks that are requested.

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