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Examples of resilience


Resilience is defined as the capacity that allows people to return to their natural state, that is, they can recover after going through a critical or unfavorable situation.

A person can remain firm in adverse situations and move forward thinking about the future, in fact it is considered that these situations that can be shocking in life help to strengthen the person thus developing their own resources to overcome.

Resilience is considered as an aptitude that some people have to face critical situations, it is not related to genetics and many do not know that they have it until they find themselves in this type of adversity, which is when they realize it.

This capacity is also known as a synonym for strength, integrity and resistance and in the field of positive psychology , problems are not seen as such but as challenges that must be faced by people who have resilience; Some specialists also relate this capacity to self-esteem, since the strengthening of self- esteem from an early age helps to develop resilience in people.

On the other hand, there are those people who do not have this ability and it is then that they have problems moving to new stages of their life in a satisfactory way and psychological help is necessary, for example to overcome the loss of a loved one.

Examples of resilience

  1. Scientist Stephen Hawking.
  2. Survivors of a kidnapping.
  3. The famous case of Anne Frank.
  4. Cancer survivors.
  5. Steve Jobs who was fired from his own company.
  6. Viktor Frankl who survived the concentration camps in World War II.
  7. Those who overcome unrequited love.
  8. Adriana Macías: Writer, speaker, lecturer. He does not have arms, he only works with his feet.
  9. Nuria del Saz: Famous writer with visual impairment
  10. Pablo Pineda: Known for being the first graduate with down syndrome from a university in Europe. He is a lecturer, writer, educational psychologist, presenter and actor.
  11. Albert Espinosa: osteosarcoma patient. He is currently a screenwriter, film director, lecturer and medical student.
  12. Alison Lapper: recognized plastic artist. He performs his works with his mouth and his head.
  13. Piermario Morosini: soccer player who was left in charge of his disabled sister, after his brother took his life for the loss of his parents.
  14. Enhamed: world-class swimming athlete with blindness
  15. Mark Inglis: amputee of both legs due to frostbite.

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