Examples of Reports

Within the journalistic world there are several modalities in which a journalist offers relevant information. One of them is the report, which is nothing more than a text or video that summarizes a research work about a topic, event or character .

The reports are published in magazines, newspapers, web pages or on TV, in the case of audiovisuals. In the same way, these media, plus books, are taken as sources for reports.

A report should have only objective information. There is expressed, not the opinion of the reporter, but that of the interviewees. In addition, it is accompanied by some type of evidence such as the sample of documents, photographs and videos.

Types of report

  • Scientific: They are carried out to highlight some scientific advance, as well as recent discoveries in that field.
  • Explanatory : In this type of report the news event, its causes and consequences are detailed.
  • Investigative : It is the most common of the reports and it is about revealing unknown details about some subject.
  • Human interest : It highlights elements of the life of someone in particular, which is of interest to the group.
  • Formal : It is developed with a broader language than in a news story.
  • Narrative : It tells the news as the events occurred; it is a lot like telling a story.
  • Interpretive : the reporter has the responsibility to explain the issue at hand.
  • Autobiographical : The reporter becomes the protagonist of the report.
  • Informative : In this type of report the journalist has more creative freedom.
  • Descriptive : It details the objects, people or anything that is involved in the report and is generally based on that.

Reporting examples

Useless, Prozac and other “happiness pills”

The “happiness pills”, which are supposed to improve the mood of those suffering from depression, are among the best-selling drugs and are taken by millions of people around the world. But one of the most comprehensive studies of modern antidepressant drugs has found that they have no clinically significant effect. In other words, they don’t work. (La Jornada newspaper).

The Voices of Hunger: The report that shows the Venezuelan crisis

Venezuelan mother and children told Telemundo that they must search the garbage for food scraps to survive. (

Francisca Duarte in oblivion

Time passes and Francisca Duarte “sinks” into decline, due to the lack of government attention. The failure of basic services and the absence of some affect those who live here emotionally and economically. (

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