Examples of reported speech

Reported speech

It is an indirect style through which you can explain, say, tell something in your own words by modifying the verb tense in the past. It can be differentiated from direct speech since with this you must write and say everything textually

Rules of reported speech

  • Verb tenses can change . In reported speech, the verb tenses change to the past tense.
  • The verb tenses in the cases of the modal verbs also change once passed from the direct style to the indirect style.
  • The adverbial phrases or adverbial times when talking undergo changes in indirect present tense to the past.

Examples of Reported speech

  1. Maria asked Juan what he is doing. And she said she had not seen him since the last week.
  2. Juan explained that he had just come from the hospital.
  3. Maria wondered if he is ok. And asked him what happen.
  4. Juan told her that he catches a hard flu, but he added that he is fine now.
  5. Maria said him that she is glad to hear that.
  6. Change from present simple to past simple: “I’m on my way,” said Brad.

Brad said he was on his way.

  1. “I like the idea.”

He said I liked the idea.

  1. “I know what to do.”

She said she knew what to do.

  1. Change from can to could and from will to would: “I can’t hear you.”

He said he couldn’t hear me.

  1. “I can’t come to the meeting.”

He said he couldn’t come to the meeting.

  1. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She said she would see me the next day.

  1. “I’ll be there at 9 o’clock.”

She said she’d be here at 9 o’clock.

Adverbs of time in direct style and adverbs of time in indirect style

  1. Today / Tonight: That day / That night
  2. This day / week / month / year: That day / week / month / year
  3. Tomorrow: The next day
  4. Next day / week / month / year: The following day / week / month / year
  5. Yesterday: The previous day / The day before
  6. Last week / month / year: The previous week / month / year or the previous week / month / year
  7. Now: At that moment / then
  8. Here: There

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