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Examples of reminders

Definition of reminder

Reminder is a term derived from the verb remember , which means to remember something or someone. Reminders generally help us to maintain and retain in memory a person or activity that is going to be carried out in the future and that for one reason or another can escape our minds.

Taking into account that day-to-day life can be or become somewhat tedious, with so many responsibilities and obligations, it is common for us to forget some things and for this, reminders are very useful , to keep up to date with what we must do. in the future, either in the short or medium term.

There are many ways in which you can use a reminder, to attend a medical appointment, to go to school, for a meeting, to schedule a business appointment , among many other things. In this sense, we will give below a list of examples of reminders and how to handle them.

Examples of reminders

  1. The colored notes written on colored sticky paper are always an excellent alternative when it comes to wanting to remember something if you are at home or in the office. Leaving it always in sight will make you always attentive or attentive to what you have to do. These little notes are also known by the name of posit in our language to facilitate pronunciation, and it is a registered trademark of the multinational company 3M. These are small sheets of paper that are sold in blocks and that have a resistant and durable self-adhesive material at one end that allows them to be taken and pasted wherever we want, to have the reminders always in view. Although they are sold in various sizes, colors and shapes, the most common are yellow, a color that is generally associated with the reminder, whether physical or digital.
  2. Notes on the computer are also a great option. If you are a person who works in front of a computer , having the notes on your desk will allow you to remember the things you need to do.
  3. The alarms on mobile devices allow you to remember the activities that you have pending to do, you just have to take care of scheduling them and they will do the rest.
  4. Reminders are also called those announcements that are placed in the newspaper on the occasion of the death or mass that will be held for a friend or relative.
  5. In the same way, they are used to give as a gift for having attended a baptism, a commemoration, among others.

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