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Examples of religious norms

The rules religious can be defined as a set of rules or laws mandatory within a belief or religion and that compliance will determine the sanctity of the individual. This type of norms are governed around a divine figure , a deity that must be obeyed, since by doing so one can access a utopian world after death.

These types of rules are characterized by being heteronomous with respect to their origin and are unilateral, this means that the rules are established and it is understood that they must be complied with but there is no person who can force the others to follow strictly.

In essence, religious norms are those imposed by the god of a religion and are written in old and new books and texts, which are considered by members of these religions as sacred texts. It is important to note that some religious norms may have things in common with legal or social ones, such as “you shall not steal” or “you shall not kill.”

Examples of Religious Norms

  1. Within the Jewish religion, eating pork is prohibited.
  2. Go to mass on Sundays.
  3. In the Arab religion you cannot lend money with interest.
  4. Not lusting after your neighbor’s wife.
  5. Arrive pure and chaste at the altar.
  6. Honor God above all else.
  7. You will love your father and your mother

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