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Examples of Reiki benefits


Reiki is a therapy, pseudo therapy for some, which aims to identify a physical or emotional problem and thus eliminate it completely.

This technique was created in 1922 by the Japanese Zen Buddhist Mikao Usui , so it is not part of the millenary culture of any Asian or European country, but it is widely applied in many parts of the world today.

There is a debate about the effectiveness of this therapy, since its foundation is more spiritual than scientific, in fact, it does not have any endorsement based on science that determines that it really works, hence many dismiss its veracity.

How does it work?

Reiki affirms that there is an energy that links us with nature and the universe. If that energy comes into contact with us, then we will be experiencing well-being and spiritual harmony. If people begin to have illnesses, bad luck or different difficulties, it is said that the energy is not flowing in them.

It is through the hands (of the person who applies the therapy) that the energy of the affected person changes, becomes more fluid and therefore their problems could disappear. Reiki points out that other people can transmit energy to “mold” that of another.

For 45 minutes , the energy emitter places his hands on different parts of the body of the receiver, who must be lying down and barefoot, in order to improve his energy. The reiki master touches parts that they claim are key points for the transmission of energy.

The goal of this therapy is to improve the immune system using the hands of the masters, as well as their energy. They are people trained to make their energy flow to the patient.

Reiki has become globalized and with it incorporated other disciplines, depending on the region where it is practiced, for example, it has been related to Hinduism.

It is real?

It is easy to know that science is against any method of healing that does not come from its guidelines, much less those that are based on spirituality .

Experts often recommend not believing in these types of activities that foster distrust in traditional medicines and doctors.

However, everyone is free to believe in what they want . Although science is against this type of manifestation, there are many people who agree that there is a force greater than the human being that is always in contact with people and that, if we prepare better, we could dominate a small portion of it.

It is a lifestyle

The creator of this self-discovery therapy established five principles that, according to him, should be governed by every human being who wants to self-heal (spiritually and emotionally):

  • Do not be angry
  • Do not worry
  • Give thanks
  • Work diligently
  • Be nice to people

Examples of Reiki benefits

According to teachers of this discipline, Reiki:

  • Helps personal and spiritual growth.
  • Free from stress.
  • Reduces chronic pain.
  • Helps correct injuries.
  • It cures certain infections by increasing the functioning of the immune system.
  • Helps fight depression and mental illness.

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