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Examples of regulations


Regulations are a series of regulations by which the behavior of people within a place is regulated, such as a school, companies, work centers, sports centers and other places and situations. These norms allow the interaction between the individuals that make up a group or community to be carried out in the most friendly way , it is essential to comply with the precepts established in the regulations so that a healthy coexistence can be had .

The validity of the regulations will have more or less relevance depending on the situation and place. There are generally internal regulations that apply to most institutions such as clubs, companies and study centers, the content of each regulation indicates what things can be done and what not so that an activity can be carried out, the regulation can be controlled by a person assigned to carry out said monitoring to ensure compliance with these rules.

Also, it is important to mention that the norms that make up a regulation are generally established based on the needs of the members of a community, are raised and approved by people in senior positions who have the necessary power to do so, modify and include new rules if It is necessary and always taking into account the requirements of the people who can be, for example, the inhabitants of a residence or housing complex, members of a club, educators of a school, workers of a company, etc.

Examples of regulations

  1. “Check-in hours are from 7:45 AM to 8:00 AM.” (School)
  2. “It is forbidden to enter the pool with pets.” (Club)
  3. “All employees must present justification in case of absence.” (Job)
  4. “A maximum of two people per patient can enter for visits.” (Hospital)
  5. “The sale of products within the offices and environments of the company is prohibited.” (Job)
  6. “Parents must attend meetings on time.” (School)
  7. The pedal that cuts power to the machine can only be touched in an emergency. Otherwise, it should not be activated under any circumstances. Failure to comply is grounds for sanction.
  8. Students must attend their classes on a regular basis, otherwise they will be penalized.
  9. The evaluations will be continuous. If the student misses one of them without justification, he will not be able to make up the missed evaluation.
  10. The condominium board will be in charge of keeping the evaluative records of the payments and debts of the tenants of the building.

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