Examples of Regular Verbs in English

The regular verbs in English constitute the list of those verbs that to form their past simple or participle it is only necessary to add the suffix ED to their ending. For this, it is necessary to know the rules of conformation of each word:

  • If the verb ends with the consonant “y” we must replace it with “i” and add the suffix ED.
  • If the verb ends with the vowel “e” we only have to add a “d” and not the complete suffix.
  • If the verb is of a single syllable and ends in a consonant, the consonant must be doubled and then the suffix ED must be added.

15 Examples of Regular Verbs in English

1. Agree Agreed Agree
2. Brag Bragged Boast
3. Carry Carried Carry
4. Change Changed Change
5. Cook Cooked Cook
6. Dare Dared Dare
7. Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoy
8. Ease Eased Relieve
9. Fail Failed Fail
10. Marry Married Get marry
11. Pass Passed Pass
12. Pray Prayed Pray
13. Slap Slapped Slap
14. Thank Thanked to thank
15. Wreck Wrecked


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