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Examples of reflections

Reflexes are movements that occur involuntarily not only in human beings but in most living organisms , this is caused by the body itself which automatically sends a response to some type of external stimulus . To be more precise, this action originates when the sensory receptors receive these stimuli, these are captured by neurons and are sent to the spinal cord where the reflex center is located, then said information is transmitted to motor neurons which in turn activate the muscular movement that finally becomes the automatic reflex.

Reflexes are associated with the physical and mental health of the person, these movements are a defense mechanism that the body has against any danger such as heat, cold, blows, even very daily actions such as sneezing or crying are reflex acts, For that reason, it is normal for a medical check-up to expose the eyes to a flashlight to see if the pupil dilation occurs normally. It is known that there are innate and acquired reflexes, for example, keeping the hand for a moment on something hot and removing it abruptly is an innate act, on the other hand, pressing the hands on the bicycle brakes is an acquired reflex since through from previous experience you know you have to do it to stop.

There are also the conditioned and unconditioned reflexes, in the first case an example is the dilation of the pupils in the presence of strong light, on the other hand, the feeling that the mouth becomes “water” when feeling the pleasant smell of food is already unconditioned. that to some extent he can learn to control himself.

Examples of reflections:

  1. Scream when hit hard.
  2. Raise the leg when receiving the typical tap with the rubber hammer.
  3. Sweating when you exercise.
  4. Barf.
  5. Yawn.
  6. Tickle.
  7. Cough and sneeze

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