Examples of Redactions in English

When we take an exam to certify our level of English, it is common that we have to write a short and / or long text. In this way we will be showing that we do master the grammar of the language and, furthermore, that we know how to construct ideas and express them clearly.

In Spain alone, almost 93% of job offers have English as the applicant’s second language among their requirements. At least people are required to have the FIRST or CAE exam passed . It is in this test where your knowledge in writing is put to the test .

How to write striking English texts?

As far as grammar is concerned, as in Spanish, there are many expressions in English that serve as connectors between one idea or another, which also help to embellish the text and make it more pleasant to read.

Some of those connectors are:

  • ‘Actually / Really’ – ‘Actually’
  • ‘As a matter of fact / In fact’ – ‘In fact’
  • ‘As far as I am concerned’ – ‘As far as I’m concerned’
  • ‘First of all, let us try to understand’ – ‘First of all, let’s try to understand’
  • ‘From my point of view’ – ‘From my point of view’
  • ‘I agree / disagree’ – ‘I agree / I disagree’
  • ‘I think (that)’ – ‘I think’
  • ‘In my opinion’ – ‘In my opinion’
  • ‘In my view’ – ‘In my opinion’
  • ‘It is true that’ – ‘It is true that’
  • ‘Let us start by considering the facts’ – ‘Let’s start by considering the facts’
  • ‘Many people think… But others do not agree’ – ‘Many people think… But others do not agree’
  • ‘Personally’ – ‘Personally’
  • ‘Talking from experience’ – ‘From my experience’
  • ‘To be honest,’ – ‘To be honest’
  • ‘To tell the truth,’ – ‘To tell the truth’
  • ‘And eventually,’ – ‘And finally,’
  • ‘Apart from’ – ‘Apart from’
  • ‘In addition, / Moreover, / On top of that, / Besides’ – ‘Furthermore,’
  • ‘In addition to’ – ‘In addition to’
  • ‘What is more,’ – ‘Furthermore / What is more / Even more’
  • ‘Furthermore’ – ‘Also’
  • ‘Also’ – ‘Also’

It will also be necessary to know verbs, nouns and adjectives, basically.

Example of essays in English

  • Example 1: story of a fun vacation

My Christmas holidays this year were simply amazing! I had two weeks, so I decided to do something special: go on a road trip to France.

I have some friends in different cities, so I stayed with them and I didn’t have to book any hostels. It was very cheap!

First, I drove to Barcelona. I didn’t stay long, but I went to the beach. It was mild for the winter, and I even had a quick swim!

After Barcelona, ​​I went to Toulouse. The city is not very big, but it is lively and welcoming. I had a wonderful time. After two days, I drove north to Paris. It is a very interesting city, but it is huge and stressful.

I also visited Lyon and Montpellier. I especially enjoyed the street markets in Montpellier, where I bought some lovely wine.

I hope I can do this some other time, it was a great holiday idea!

  • Example 2: Talking about food in Madrid

Madrid has a huge number of restaurants with different food´s nationalities. The last to arrive is “El Canadiense”. This restaurant is inspired on the Canadian food and style. It is located in the fashionist district of Chamberi, in Calle Carranza, 10, near Bilbao underground.

The first thing that captures the visitor’s attention is the decoration. All furnitures are made by different type and colors of wood, which make a warm and cozy environment. Together with the typical Canadian ambient music you feel like you are in a Canadian cottage.

The only negative things of this restaurant is the price and the slow service.

In conclusion if you are looking for a different place and original food in Madrid, El Canadiense is a really good choice.

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