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Recreation is a word that refers to the action of recreating , that is, the moment through which a certain time of the day is spent freely, to perform certain recreational actions of fun to delight or distract the mind or body in the middle of days work or daily obligations .

The word recreation also refers to a memory or remembrance or historical event , that is, something that happened and is recorded in our memories. The word, as such, comes from the Latin recreatĭo, recreatiōnis, which means ” action and effect of recreating or recreating oneself.”


The concept of recreation, understood as a distraction activity, implies the active participation, both physically and mentally, of the individual. In this sense, recreation is opposed to leisure , which is rather a passive form of distraction, more related to the relaxation and relaxation of the body and mind.

Recreation is essential for health physical and mental. For this reason, it is advisable to practice recreational activities from time to time that provide us with the possibility of clearing the mind and dedicating our free time to things that we really enjoy. In this sense, recreation serves to break with routine and daily obligations, and thus relieve accumulated stress.

Recreation in life

As we advance in age, and in responsibilities, moments of recreation shorten their presence , and many times we ourselves, in the whirlwind of fulfilling work, academic or family activities, we despise taking time for recreation. These can be related to the physical (sports, gymnastics, and any other type of physical exercise), with the arts or artistic expressions (theater, painting, sculpture, singing, learning how to use a musical instrument) or planning outings outside of the home, and that in general are immersed in more natural environments, and less asphalted.

During old age, let’s say that when you reach old age, recreation is perhaps as fundamental as in childhood and again, both physically and mentally. Even as there are nurseries for children , care centers for the elderly have also proliferated in recent times where they attend a couple of hours each day and carry out activities related to gymnastics, mental exercise (which helps to maintain lucidity and good memory, such as making word searches or playing board games), artistic expression and also sharing that daily experience with other peers.

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