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Examples of racism

Racism is a series of actions and behaviors that some people have towards others specifically because of their ethnicity or race, this behavior is governed based on a hierarchy in which certain ethnic groups feel superior to others and seek to justify said actions in order to maintain privileges within society and leave others relegated in order to prevail. Racism is closely linked to xenophobia, however they are not the same since in the first case the rejection is due to a purely biological cause, this means that a person considers and treats others as inferior just for the fact of belonging to a different breed.

Racism is defined as the rejection that some people feel towards others, either due to biological differences or simply because they have an ideology of superiority.

Racism is practiced by those people who despise another person just for belonging to a different race or ethnic group and believe that their culture is better than theirs, for this reason they believe that they have the right to humiliate.

One of the best known forms of racism is that of physical and verbal aggression towards another person because of their skin color, discrimination towards another person because of their physical characteristics or nationality, culture or belief system are usually considered as racist attitudes, it is also usually being frequent that racist behavior tries to justify itself in pseudo-scientific theories that try to make certain ethnic groups see as superior to others, in this aspect the manipulation of statistical information also influences, one of the most widespread groups and sadly famous for their acts Racism is the Ku Klux Klan which had its beginnings in 1865 and which persecuted black people for decades.

Although as a counterpart was the group of black panthers who emerged as a response to the former, the origin of racism as such is known to have been in Western Europe with the aim that the white race prevail over the others during the late nineteenth century and between Its repercussions were the Nazi movements and the Jewish and gypsy holocaust, there was also the South African, from 1965 the United Nations Organization sought to eliminate racism by stipulating on March 21 the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

10 Examples of Racism

  1. Hostile acts against people of different nationalities.
  2. Attacks in a soccer stadium against supporters of the opposing team.
  3. The persecution of Jews and blacks during the Holocaust.
  4. Insults and offensive comments on social networks towards people because of their physical features.
  5. Ignoring people or not speaking to them because they are from another country.
  6. Facilitate a job for a person with a fair complexion and ignore another with a darker complexion, leaving aside the skills for the position in question.
  7. When laws or institutions discriminate against people for belonging to other beliefs and having other roots.
  8. Cultural racism occurs when some cultures are believed to be better than others.
  9. When blacks are discriminated against because of their skin color, it seems that because they have a different color they are made less people.
  10. Stereotypical racism occurs when people are despised for having a different appearance and having different beliefs. This happens a lot when people go to live from one country to another. Discrimination begins and sometimes reaches the point of assaulting people both verbally and physically.
  11. When there are people who have some kind of disability and this makes them a cause for ridicule or being humiliated by other people.

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