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Examples of racconto

The racconto is a term of Italian origin but it is also used in the Spanish language, it is a narrative technique in which a narrative is made in retrospect so that events that occurred in the past are recounted and that gradually happen in order and in a linear way until a point is reached where the narration of said story has begun, it is in summary a review of incidents that have occurred in the past and can be applied both in literature and in cinema.

The racconto is usually associated with flash back, which is also a hindsight but much shorter, on the contrary, this resource turns out to be more extensive. There are some guidelines to respect when using this resource, they are as follows: first, it is to pose the story chronologically, then you must continue to write it, the most important thing being to start from the middle of the story forward or from the end backwards, at a given moment you must stop at a point in the story to begin with the resource specifying the incidents that placed the protagonists at that point in the story, from there the story must be narrated in chronological order until reach the end.

Examples of racconto:

  1. “The Tunnel” by Ernesto Sabato.
  2. “Racconto” Argentine film released in 1963 and directed by Ricardo Becher.
  3. “Titanic” by James Cameron.
  4. “Pedro Páramo” by Juan Rulfo.
  5. “Lost” television series.
  6. “El Camino” by Miguel Delibes.

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