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Examples of Public Services

The utilities are those of a government should provide its citizens so that they can meet their basic needs. These services are distributed collectively and help the communities lead a life of normalcy during their daily activities.

The governments have service plans , regulations, flat rates and any other modality duly established in the laws or statutes of the State in order to provide services correctly. In addition, they must determine how the necessary resources will be obtained to keep these services up and running in the best way.

Some governments have nationalized private companies in order to take over them and thus offer different public services.

It will be the obligation of the State , and this is framed in its legislation, to provide citizens with all the services that are necessary for them to have a dignified life.

The quality of the provision of public services is an element that will account for the good or bad management of a government. The objective of any public administration is to make people feel comfortable, both with the service as such, and with the price they pay for it.

Examples of public services

  • Public libraries
  • Mail or postal service
  • Continuous water distribution
  • Education
  • Electricity
  • Direct gas
  • Gas using cylinders
  • Forest ranger
  • Paramedics
  • Policeman
  • Migration and immigration services
  • Education (in some countries it is free and compulsory)
  • Public broadcasting
  • Urban planning and maintenance service
  • Garbage collection and management service
  • Health Service
  • Judicial service
  • Military service
  • Social service
  • Fire services
  • Telecommunications
  • Public transport
  • Sewage treatment
  • Public housing

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