Examples of psychotechnical tests to select personnel

Psychotechnical tests are defined as tests that are carried out to measure intellectual and professional capacities and aptitudes of different kinds, both for verbal and visual memory, among others.

These psychotechnical tests are aimed at ensuring that the participants who are looking for a job demonstrate their knowledge in this way, it can be seen if what their resume says is totally true. To obtain a good result, it is best for participants to be sincere when responding.

5 Examples of psychotechnical tests to select personnel

  1. Personality test : this test allows the people who carry out the study to observe how the candidates are, always taking into account the most relevant aspects such as: how they adapt to changes, how they are to relate socially, how they act in a crisis and can withstand pressure among others.
  2. Aptitude test: to carry out this test, the company focuses on the aptitudes of the participants who are subjected to mechanical, numerical, verbal, spatial tests to qualify their ability to choose the position.
  3. Psychometric tests: these focus on closed questions and are the most used in interviews, with this test the psychological and psychometric part of the participants is evaluated. It is important to know what the aptitude is like in order to know if you are suitable for the position to be filled.
  4. Projective tests : this type of test is based on the fact that people should not answer the questions clearly but with a projection vision, to carry out this test they use pictures with pictures and the participants can say what they look like. And the psychologist will be the person in charge of saying what stimuli that person has.
  5. These tests are the tool used to evaluate people’s personality, behavior and intelligence.

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