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Examples of psychotechnical tests

Psychotechnical test

Nowadays it is not uncommon to hear that a psychotechnician has to pass us, for example, during a personnel selection process in a company. And it is not the only moment in which it is going to appear to us throughout our lives, because it is more frequent and habitual than it may seem. But what is a psychotechnical test and what does it seek to achieve? Is there more than one type of psychotechnician or are they all the same?

The psychometric tests are tests designed in order to evaluate objectively (without taking into account results obtained during the subjectivity of an evaluator) the intellectual capabilities of one or more persons.

It is a very well structured group of tests , seeking the voluntary response controlled by the subject and in which the objective of the test is not masked . The answers given by the evaluated evaluated will be taken as sincere and true.

Execution of psychotechnical tests

This type of test is mostly of maximum execution , which means that they focus on assessing the maximum potential shown with respect to a specific skill or characteristic in a certain time limit.

They usually assess the general intelligence and aptitudes of the examined subject , it also seeks to verify the adequacy of a person’s capacities to the needs and elements to access certain permits or positions, in some cases to evaluate if there is any alteration or difficulty in adaptive functioning of the person.

It is common for these evaluations to be carried out together with a personality test in order to examine not only the cognitive abilities, but also the pattern of thought and habitual behavior of the person being analyzed.

Later, after analyzing the information obtained by both types of test, the most appropriate decision can be made, taking into account that the tests only offer information based on score , which must be interpreted and analyzed based on the information of the subject of the test. available and the comparison with different scales or criteria.

Examples of psychotechnical tests

We can achieve different types of psychotechnical tests, because not all of them are oriented to obtain information on the same aspects nor do they have the same objectives when they are exercised. In this sense, we will give some examples regarding this type of test.

1.    Attention and concentration test

Test used to evaluate the ability to remain attentive to a stimulus, to maintain a certain level of fixed attention to the appearance of a specific element or to notice changes in the appearance of alterations.

Simple tasks are commonly used in which it is easy to get bored and distracted or in which it is difficult to detect a different stimulus from the rest.

2.    Reasoning test

There are multiple ways of evaluating reasoning, some of them are problem solving, planning alternatives for action in hypothetical situations or the decision between two options and the justification of why.

Organizing information, drawing conclusions and investigating solutions quickly is essential in the search for many jobs and determines the general adaptation to the events we face on a day-to-day basis.

In many cases it is common to have to look for relationships between various stimuli and solve matrices. Spatial, verbal, numerical, or mechanical reasoning can be included in addition to abstract reasoning.

3.    Spatial aptitude test

When applying this type of test, it is necessary to distinguish shapes and to be able to navigate correctly through space, which helps us to orient ourselves and to understand what is happening around us.

Different visiospatial tests are usually used, such as deciding what an object that we see from another perspective will look like or keeping a point within specific margins.

4.    Verbal aptitude test

It is vital to communicate efficiently, knowing how to understand and express what we think and other people think at high speed; which is essential in dealing with other people.

Therefore, vocabulary, vocabulary, reading and writing speed, grammar and spelling are some of the aspects examined in this type of test.

5.    Numerical aptitude test

In daily life doing calculations is very useful therefore in many jobs it is required. Numerical aptitude is generally examined from mathematical problems, rules of three or direct calculation (in general they are not very complicated unless it is a specific position).

6.    Linked to executive functions

They are directly related to decision-making capacity, response inhibition, planning and problem solving.

They are capabilities that can be analyzed through different tests. They are generally used in clinical and neuropsychological evaluation, although they can be adapted for other uses.

Areas in which they apply

In many cases of everyday life we ​​will have to present what is known as a psychotechnical test. In fact, nowadays the means in which it is required to know the mental aptitudes of a specific person with a specific objective are very frequent.

Among the different possible contexts, some in which they are more frequent are the following.

Labor sphere

It is the area where we probably most often find ourselves in the need to pass one of these tests. In these media they usually have a series of requirements on the skills that their employees must meet.

So that by passing these tests they can obtain a score in skills such as verbal comprehension, writing speed, vocabulary, numerical ability, the ability to solve problems or visuospatial abilities, among many others.

Educational field

Psychotechnics are also often used in education and training , to observe and obtain information on the student’s ability.

They can be used to adjust the level and content to the abilities of the student , to know their level of development or if improvements have been generated in the course of an educational program or to establish selection criteria for acceptance in some universities or centers.

Clinical practice

In this area it is used to evaluate the capacities and aptitudes of the patients. It is very useful to assess the existence of alterations in patients with dementia or other alterations that can generate variations in mental capacities, or simply to assess the current capacities of the patient, for example.

Driving license

Driving a vehicle is a great responsibility. It requires being in command of a powerful and heavy machine that is going to enter circulation and that must be handled with great caution and skill to avoid causing or suffering accidents.

This is why an assessment of the future driver’s skills is required before granting him a permit, to observe his attention and concentration skills.

Gun license

It is another of the means where the use of this type of evidence is used since, although much less frequent than the two previous sites, some people need to carry a firearm such as police officers, security guards and hunters.

Since assigning weapons is a great responsibility and a great danger to others if not used correctly. For this, different psychometric tests are usually used , among other tests, in order to decide whether or not requirements are met to be able to have a weapons license.

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