Examples of psychological expert report

Psychological expert report

The law together with psychology are fundamental elements to help the magistrate in his resolutions and deliberations. Basically, a psychological expert report must revolve around legal, ethical and psychological aspects that provide information that helps judges and contributes to exercising justice.

It consists of the creation of a document prepared by the expert in forensic psychological matters at the end of the process of evaluation and exhaustive analysis of the people who are involved. This document is related to the format of a psychological report about a clinical evaluation , but different in certain peculiarities.

In summary, the psychological expert report will be carried out by a highly qualified professional , forensic psychologist, and will consist of the identification data of the evaluation, procedure and methods used by the expert in the area, the discussions and the results about it. himself, and finally for a brief conclusion.

Despite being qualified as a means of proof , the psychological legal report is a total truth for the expert in the area, however, it is subject to questioning and criticism.

Examples of psychological expert report

  1. report1
  2. report2
  3. report3
  4. report4
  5. report5

Structure of psychological expert reports

From a legal perspective, the data that are included in the psychological expert reports are essential issues, to which the expert must pay the greatest attention and comply with the regulations, therefore it is totally prohibited and being totally illegal actions of the psychological expert report, for example:

  • Interfere with the validity and reliability of psychological tools and techniques.
  • Make false statements or manipulate results.
  • Present documents without technical-scientific quality and justification.

psychological expert report is primarily based on psychology. Psychology is the detailed and scientific analysis of the human mind and the behavior of each person. Psychologists work in different areas of society and refer to practical problems, for example:

  • Speeds up brain recovery.
  • Help people who are in a stage of depression, trauma, human stress and phobias.
  • Help athletes to carry out their activities effectively and follow discipline.
  • Help the service of the courts , police and prisons to be able to solve conflicts effectively.
  • Appease the effects of parental divorce on children.
  • Make sure that people feel comfortable and are happy in their jobs that they do by developing their capacities to the fullest.

Basic fundamentals

To start the process of preparing this kind of documents, there must be a demand for some facts that must be studied. Therefore, the first phase is to make an analysis of the file in an objective way and of the demand; even if the request comes from the parties of the judicial bodies and the parties involved.

Once the affected person is recognized, one or more interviews will be held with each of them and with which they somehow provide truth to the case. The result of these interviews will be  carefully examined until the conclusion of what will be the investigations, techniques and studies necessary to establish the pertinent conclusions.

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