Examples of Pseudonyms

Some people prefer to be called by another name rather than their first names , either because they do not like their name or because it is too long. Especially artists or those public figures whose name is difficult to remember, the public or themselves choose a pseudonym to be identified.

What is a pseudonym?

As we have implied before, a pseudonym or pseudonym is a word that replaces the real name of a person or an object in order to name them in a perhaps more pleasant way or that is easy to remain in our memory.

Also known as nicknames, aliases, and nicknames , some pseudonyms are generated from a physical characteristic or ability of the person in question. It can be made up of one or more words.

Examples of pseudonym

  1. Fat
  2. Skinny
  3. Skinny
  4. Mad
  5. Pepito
  6. Nugget
  7. Boss
  8. Fluff
  9. Colorado
  10. Rabbit
  11. pigheaded
  12. monkey
  13. Pancho
  14. Moncho
  15. Pepe
  16. Manolo
  17. Tavo
  18. Chente
  19. Nacho
  20. beer
  21. Black
  22. Tight
  23. Nachita
  24. Flat
  25. Pertinax Lector (pseudonym of the writer Carlos Fuentes)
  26. Fénix de América (pseudonym of the writer Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz)
  27. Pablo Neruda (His name is really Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto)
  28. Herge (pseudonym of Georges Remi)
  29. Quino (pseudonym of Joaquín Lavado Tejón)
  30. Voltaire (pseudonym of François-Marie Arouet)
  31. Snoop Dogg (pseudonym for Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.)
  32. Cardi B (pseudonym of Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar)
  33. JLo (pseudonym for Jennifer López)
  34. Maddona (pseudonym of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone)
  35. Lady Gaga (pseudonym for Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta)
  36. Ricky Martin (pseudonym of Enrique Martín Morales)
  37. Maluma (pseudonym of Juan Luis Londoño Arias)
  38. Wisin (Juan Luis Morena)
  39. El Puma (pseudonym of José Luis Rodríguez)
  40. La Tigresa del Oriente (pseudonym of Juana Judith Bustos Ahuite)

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