Examples of proverbs


Proverbs are a kind of saying . It can also be defined as a sentence that can have popular origin, that is, it is related to the culture of a certain country or region and is transmitted from generation to generation orally and in writing, its objective is to invite reflection , give moral and teaching lessons.

Proverbs are linked to paremias and that is why they have certain characteristics such as the demonstration of ideas in a figurative or metaphorical sense , they are usually brief and it is the same people who, based on their experiences, formulate these sentences and them. they are spreading among members of the same society .

Colloquially they can be called sayings, axioms and aphorisms, although it is important to mention that there are certain differences between the terms mentioned. The proverb can in many cases be linked to education and culture , while having certain elements that make it much more elaborate in a way that requires a lot of attention and detail to be able to interpret the message.

On the contrary, sayings are usually simpler and have a much greater diffusion, in addition they carry a certain humorous load, which does not happen with proverbs. It can be divided according to society or origin so that it is common to find Chinese proverbs, Hebrew proverbs, Spanish proverbs, Japanese proverbs, Latin proverbs and many others.

Examples of proverbs

  1. “How curious is man, being born does not ask, living does not know, dying does not want!”
  2. “Fortunate is he who lives in interesting times.”
  3. “When you eat bamboo shoots, remember the man who planted them.”
  4. “Love me when I least deserve it, since that’s when I need it most.”
  5. “Learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning dangerous.” (Confucius)
  6. “When money talks, the truth shuts up.”
  7. “Water makes the boat float, but it can also sink it.”
  8. “Time, like river water, does not return.”
  9. “A man who makes decisions does not have to sleep through the night”
  10. When you are overwhelmed with joy, promise nothing to anyone. When a great anger overcomes you, do not answer any letter »
  11. «If you fall a hundred times, a hundred times you have to get up»
  12. Where there is a royal road, do not go through a bush.
  13. “Good souls have wills, bad souls only wishes”
  14. “He who stomps goes far”
  15. “He who attends to correction is on the way to life, he who does not, is on the way to perdition”
  16. “The kind answer calms the anger”
  17. “The frustrated hope afflicts the heart, the wish fulfilled is a tree of life”
  18. «Listen, my son and be wise, and direct your heart on the right path»
  19. “The way to life is to keep education, but whoever rejects repression is wrong”
  20. “When pride comes, disgrace also comes, but with the humble is wisdom”

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