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Examples of Project-Based Learning

The project – based learning is the methodology used by students to acquire an active role and thus promote academic enthusiasm.

This tool is used in groups of students where everyone participates in the research to later be shared with the professors who also give their opinion, but their role is less active.

10 Examples of Project-Based Learning

  1. The website of the national institute of students and teachers have published a compilation of projects that are very useful for high school students. On this website the projects are explained step by step.
  2. Juan Pérez has a website where you can find attractive and easy-to-carry projects.
  3. Miguel Gonzales is a website created by Professor Miguel Gonzales in which there is a large number of projects for those students who want to learn how to do them.
  4. Economic sector, metalworking. Specialty, automotive mechanics, objective of the activity, create a company using the project method. Strategies, business problem solving.
  5. Among the written projects are: the letter, the report, the narration, scheme, essay, summary among others.
  6. Those presented are: debate, presentation, discussion, dramatic recreation, slide show.
  7. The inhabitants of the village of Los Palmares are presented with difficulties due to the water, since very little water pressure comes through the pipes and often only air comes out. A study carried out by the students of the experimental university says that this is due to the lack of trees, which has caused the spring to have little water.
  8. Facts are water shortage, water pressure is low.
  9. Ideas may be that the tubes are broken.
  10. The main problem is that the water is the same as that used for consumption. The action to take is to check where the water is coming from and what is causing the low amount.

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