Examples of Professional Competencies

The skills are those skills that demonstrate some people and that makes them valuable for certain jobs. It is these competences that determine what kind of skills can be provided by each professional in an area, this will make them different from the rest.

They do not necessarily refer to extra knowledge about an area of ​​knowledge, but to the values ​​that one can have as a professional to stand out and be respected as such.

The goal of accumulating many professional competencies is to achieve success at work. May the skills you have to carry out the tasks lead us to professional and personal growth. Which, possibly brings us benefits economically and in everything that refers to our work reputation.

Types of professional skills

    • Basic competences. They are the skills that every professional is expected to have. They are the most basic, like punctuality.
    • Technical skills. It refers to those that have to do with the specific area where the professional works. If you are an engineer, you are expected to have the necessary skills to carry out the tasks inherent in your field.
    • Transversal competences. They are personal (emotional) skills that are directly related to professionals, such as companionship.

Examples of professional competencies

  1. Teamwork
  2. Responsibility
  3. Initiative
  4. Interpersonal relationship
  5. Willingness to learn
  6. Puntuality
  7. Interpersonal communication
  8. Leadership
  9. Organization
  10. Analysis capacity
  11. Knowledge in some software
  12. Skills for mathematics or any other basic subject
  13. Good spelling and writing
  14. Creativity and inventiveness
  15. Acceptance of changes
  16. Active listening
  17. Effective communication from different media
  18. Tendency to solve problems and not create them
  19. Motivation
  20. Accept criticism and offer it appropriately

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