Examples of Profesiogram

A profesiogram is defined as the document where all the necessary information is collected, such as the aptitudes and capacities that people have to obtain jobs within a company or organization.

The main objective of the profesiogram is to serve as a guide for hiring new personnel. Since in this form the following information must go: name, objectives, responsibilities, relationships, physical conditions, requirements.

5 Examples of Profesiogram

  1. The profesiogram by factors in this type will find everything related to the data and characteristics where the psychological, physical and professional requirements, skills, training, knowledge and motivational aspects are found. It also includes the corresponding experiential and family characteristics. It is usually the personal file of each employee.
  2. Profesiogram by competence its main objective is to verify if people have the competence that is needed to obtain the position, it is important that the participants have the appropriate knowledge and skills for the position.
  3. In the profesiogram worksheet you will find the following questions: intellectual factors, abilities, emotional nature and sociability.
  4. There is another model of the profesiogram worksheet in which the following words will be found: physical aspects, communication skills, body language, active listening, flexibility, adaptability, ease of relating to other people, initiative, dynamism, organization. and responsibility.
  5. Another form of payroll can carry the following data: age, studies carried out, specialized knowledge, languages, work experiences, manners, negotiating capacity, intelligence, capacity to exercise the position, adaptability. The personality, respectful, cheerful, outgoing, sincere, kind and enthusiastic. Tidy, active, confident, self-confident, self-control, confident when doing his job, easily helping his colleagues, has time available to carry out self-help workshops. Respect and comply with the working hours established by the company.

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