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Examples of procrastination

What is procrastination?

The  Procrastination is a type of behavior in which it is left for another time what you can and should do either an obligation or daily task. This behavior can become a habit to become a disorder in its most extreme cases and that literally wastes time for the person, which causes personal, family and work problems as well as being a factor that greatly negatively influences the Personal development.

When it is presented

Procrastination can occur in many aspects of people’s lives, it can occur in children and adults, in both cases any type of responsibility is avoided to do activities that have no objective other than leisure, such as play video games, watch television, or just sleep.

This behavior has been investigated above all by specialists in psychology and basically the person who has this behavior has the idea that tomorrow will be the most appropriate to do something that is planned, which often leads to postponement until finally never it takes shape.

Influencing factors

Although it may seem like normal behavior and that has happened to many, there are some factors that make some people more prone to frequently incur  procrastination , among these reasons may be the following:

  • the insecurity because some people may doubt their ability to perform certain activities
  • the laziness is a factor that makes the person feel tired even before doing anything
  • It can also be loaded with some thought that clouds the ability to do things correctly so it always seems confusing
  • one low self – esteem can also greatly affect the productivity of individuals which may lead you to develop Procrastination syndrome.

Examples of procrastination

  1. A child who avoids doing his homework to play
  2. An adult who does not want to do household chores like washing, cooking, cleaning, and even grooming is generally due to unwillingness to do things or it may be due to a more serious disorder such as dysthymia or depression.
  3. Homer Simpson is one of the most popular characters and he is a clear example of this type of behavior.
  4. A person who decides not to carry out personal projects using excuses such as not having money, living in a remote area of ​​the city or claiming that they do not have enough time.
  5. People who join the gym for summer fitness or a New Year’s resolution and eventually stop going.
  6. Students who start the year on the right foot and half way drop out of their studies due to lack of interest

Example of common phrases in procrastination

  1. Now later i do
  2. I do not feel like doing
  3. Better save it for tomorrow
  4. I do not have time for that
  5. Tomorrow will be better
  6. An eventuality occurred
  7. It is not important enough to do it now
  8. Then we take care of that
  9. I don’t want to do it now
  10. I’ll do it after I’m done with this first
  11. For now it is not a priority
  12. In a continuous time
  13. I don’t need to finish it right now
  14. Leave that for later

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