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Examples of Procrastinate

The first thing you might ask yourself is why we put this example in the wellness and health category, but this is due to psychology in most cases. The word  procrastinate is  not used much, however, it comes from Latin and has become different options. Another thing to keep in mind is that this word is used a lot in the English language. Since we have advanced this to you, it is time for you to better understand its meaning and understand it more with these  examples of procrastinating  so that you understand it better.

Meaning of the word Procrastinate and examples

Basically the  meaning of procrastinating  would be to  postpone an action. It is generally presented in the habits or responsibilities that one has. This can be something that is  procrastinated  for a while later or for several days and practically leave it to the last or popularly known “at the mere hour.” Generally, each of our procrastination  actions  are usually for activities that distract you or that come to cause you pleasure.

Stop working to play:  Many times we leave our work to play on the video game console, this is very common, because it causes us pleasure and entertainment.

Not doing homework and leaving it before class:  Another thing that happens the most, whatever the subject matter, there comes a point where we procrastinate it to leave it 10 minutes before class starts.

Do not study for chatting on WhatsApp:  This can happen to children and adults, we spend time talking in these types of applications and we procrastinate study or work to attend to those messages that will not give us any kind of productivity.

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