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Examples of primary groups

The primary groups are groups ranging from 2 to 12 people as members who share common characteristics and tastes, so they tend to interact more intensely and intimately with other people outside their social or family circle.These groups are usually formed voluntarily by people who share similar close environments, but they can also occur due to blood traits, that is, for family reasons. The psychological principle is to be accepted within a social circle but once this is defined it is difficult to become part of another group without affecting the first.Primary groups are usually more common and varied in children and young people, since at this age they are defining their tastes so it is not difficult to make a large number of friends in more than one group, while an adult does not have a social circle so large and is almost always limited to work and family environments.

Examples of primary groups

  1. School groups.
  2. The members of a family.
  3. Student councils.
  4. Sport clubs.
  5. Circles of friends.
  6. Urban tribes .
  7. Gangs

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