Examples of Prezi Presentations

In the digital realm, presentations are files that serve as support material during an oral presentation . They are shown on audiovisual equipment and are completely dynamic and interactive.

Each slide contains important information that the public must know in order to understand, more clearly, what the speaker is describing or explaining. For this, multimedia or other elements that complement the information will be displayed.

PowerPoint is one of the tools with which most of the presentations that we see at an educational level are created, especially. It is a program of the Microsoft Office suite and is free. But there are alternatives like Prezi that come to fill in the deficiencies that the previous one could have.

What is Prezi?

Prezi is an online tool from which you can create complex and impressive presentations. It offers to add text, images, videos, audios; apply effects to each of those elements or to the slide in general, as well as using a template for the layout.

The great thing about Prezi is that you can zoom in on each element of your slides , making your presentation more creative and dynamic. Presentations created with this tool look like videos.

For this and more, most thesis students use Prezi to create the defense presentation of their degree work . Business executives also prefer Prezi to highlight the progress or completion of projects .

Presentation examples in Prezi

Templates :
  • Data Tech: sales presentation for the technology area.
  • The Issue: for media companies.
  • Law Firm: a simple and cohesive presentation.
  • Sweet: ideal for a franchise business.
  • Gear: a sales presentation for the retail industry.

Prezi Award Winning Presentations:

  • Animals of the Amazon , by Guilherme Criscuolo.
  • Evan Rosner’s Measurabl Investor Pitch .
  • Agrimore , by Mr. Prezident.
  • My Love for Books, by Hedwyg van Groenendaal.
  • Strategic Plan, by UMass Lowel.

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