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Examples of Prevention

What is prevention?

The term is defined as those actions or measures that are used to prevent a certain situation from occurring. These are characterized by generating damages and losses of different types. The purpose of the prevention is to anticipate what might happen at some point, requires evaluation, analysis and preparation. Similarly, it aims to minimize the amount of damage . Other words associated with this term and its concept are: warning, caution, notice, care and caution.

In this sense, it is understood that prevention is a process of preparation and education. It is necessary to evaluate the possible problem and its possible consequences, in this way, the way to correctly handle certain situations can be transmitted. Prevention also focuses on promoting awareness, knowledge and information. Their task is to ensure that the environment and the individuals who inhabit it are mentally and physically prepared to face what might come.

On the other hand, the word prevention is currently used to refer to the care that must be taken with a particular individual. In these situations, the phrase “be cautious” is used as a warning that you are not a person who can be trusted. It is also necessary to mention that the prevention can and is used in different spaces , represents a similar definition regardless of the context. What comes to vary, is the situation or damage that the person faces .

Types of prevention

  • In accidents: This type is characterized by ensuring the safety, stability and physical and mental integrity of the population. It focuses on avoiding, reducing and managing, should they occur, in a certain way the unexpected and unintended situations. Accidents can occur in any space, therefore, prevention consists of the measures to be taken if they occur.
  • In diseases: In this case, prevention is applied in the area of ​​medicine and public health. Its function and objective is focused on developing and employing measures that protect, warn and reduce their spread. In addition, in this area, public health and welfare must be responsible for investigating, controlling and preventing the development of diseases in the population.
  • In addictions: The actions and measures taken in the social environment and environment are known as addiction prevention. Well, that is where the insertion and intervention in the training and distribution of information is required. Its objective is carried out through the exposure of consequences and damages. In this way, the population is made aware of the difficulties and problems that arise from addictions.
  • In crimes or crimes: Prevention against acts of crime, involves the social, cultural, political and economic environment. In this sense, it is necessary to generate measures that guarantee security and the application of laws against such acts. In addition, it is important that the reasons for resorting to crime are presented, exposed and discussed. The consequences and solutions are a way to prevent crimes or crimes, that is, to present them to the population.

Examples of preventive measures

  • Prevention against natural disasters.
  • Pollution prevention.
  • Prevent a pregnancy.
  • Fire prevention.
  • Prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Prevention of physical injuries due to excessive exercise.

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