Examples of presentation of a company

Presentation of a company

The main objective of the exhibitions that make a company known are to attract new clients or financing . There are templates to create specific presentations for sales or investors. But these presentations are intended for start-up companies, as well as companies that want to grow and continue expanding their business.

Depending on the type of presentation, it can be used as a support for an exhibition before a particular audience, or it can be a document that is sent by email. It is necessary to note that the presentation will include all the necessary information about the company to be exhibited, at present this type of presentation is known as a start-up presentation .

There are different types of company presentation that are molded to the style that you want to give. Most of them tend to be elegant and formal , but all that will depend on the type of business you have.

Examples of presentation of a company

    1. Online presentations : online presentations are a type of presentation that can be carried out in programs such as prezi. This means offers you the possibility that you have to forget to carry the file on your back or USB. It is important to note that the prezi presentation is made online and is exposed online.

Another option for making online presentations is the google drive system, formerly known as google docs.

  1. Presentations in PowerPoint : despite the fact that it has lost value today, the presentations in this program are a classic, and this is because the program allows exposing from slides for investors, among many others.
  2. Presentations in zoho : it is a group of web applications that includes spreadsheets, text editor, task planner, online presentation editor, database. Thanks to this program you can make presentations with zoho in a collaborative way.
  3. Glogster Presentations : It is an effective tool for creating presentations, themed posters, murals, and creating educational content online. The murals that are created in this program have the option of being inserted in a blog or on a website, used and printed by means of a digital whiteboard. This allows you to create easy-to-understand and didactic presentations.
  4. Impress Presentations : Impress presentations include open draw and open write functionalities with the ability to create eye-catching designs.
  5. Presentations with bunkr : they are a power point alternative and are intended for the web, in this way it allows to organize material destined for each presentation, images, websites, images and videos in this way it offers the possibility of downloading PPTX, HTML5 and PDF content .
  6. Presentations in emaze : they are an effective variable for creating online presentations with a visual and intuitive interface.
  7. Powtoon Presentations – This is cloud presentation design software for making animated presentations and creating videos to aid in powtoon presentations.
  8. Presentations with slideshare : it can be viewed by one or more people at the same time and in a public and private way. It is characterized by being online presentations.
  9. Presentations in knovio : you have the option to create presentations where the video is the protagonist. It allows the simultaneous presentation of a video and the knovio presentation in conjunction with the content at all times.

Content of the presentation of a new company

To capture the content of a company’s presentation, it is important to carry out a presentation ready to attract investors or clients.

  • About us. The first step will be to introduce ourselves. It is a company that is emerging, it must be based on the idea that nobody knows it, due to this a section must be included in the presentation of who they are, the time they have been in the labor market, business lines of the new company and work team.
  • What do we do. The next point will be to inform all the company’s products or services. It is not based on showing the product catalog, but on what the customer will find in your products or services. Orient it in the client’s need and the way in which the new company covers it.
  • Who are your customers. If it is a new creation it is very likely that you do not have customers, if this is the case do not worry, it is normal. There is the option to include in the presentation of the company who you want your customer profile to be. Identifying the buyer personas will be of great help to establish the objectives and capture them.
  • Forecast. In the event that the presentation is intended to attract investors, it will be mandatory to mention the growth forecast that has been raised.
  • the purpose of new companies is to make themselves known, it will be essential to conclude with the contact of the company. In this way you will get fedback from your audience.

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