Examples of Present Simple

Simple present is defined as the verb tense that belongs to the present indicative of verbs in Spanish. This type of time is one of the most used in English . The present simple is used to say things that are done every day, its correct use is when it is used to express truths and affirmations.

20 Examples of Present Simple

  • I go to school by transport .
  • She watches the novel every day.
  • My dad works hard.
  • My cat likes to be in the sun.
  • My aunt takes care of her daughter on the beach.
  • We always play ball.
  • They play ludo on Saturdays.
  • My grandmother goes to mass every Sunday.
  • I speak several languages.
  • He likes music.
  • She goes to the movies twice a week.
  • They sell candy there.
  • The girl cries because she is hungry.
  • My brother smokes a lot.
  • The teacher reviews the homework every day.
  • Teresa is always busy.
  • Luis likes to cook.
  • The kids play in the park.
  • Marta does many favors for María.
  • The bakery opens at 9 in the morning.

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