Examples of prejudice


They are opinions and ways of thinking that arise without having a total and necessary knowledge to be able to form a clear idea about a subject. This information is essential to give an objective opinion; In this regard, it can be said that a prejudice is a previous idea drawn in advance and that it is generally negative since one does not have all the knowledge to draw a correct conclusion .

Prejudices can occur in many areas of society such as religion , politics , social groups, work, school, which tend to have hostile reactions towards other groups due to preconceived ideas that have been instilled in them from an early age.

Negative characteristics are generally attributed to them for the mere fact of having different habits and thoughts. This is also related to the customs of people from different regions and countries, you can even have a prejudice against a single person.

They can occur because of several factors, they can be racial reasons, gender differences, religious beliefs, sexual preferences, among others. However, and although it may seem strange, today there are specialists who affirm that this type of prejudicial behavior has its origin in a need for every human being to stay protected.

Examples of prejudice

  1. To think that all Germans are cold
  2. The idea that Russians are all drunk
  3. Say that all Chinese eat insects
  4. Saying that Europeans don’t have good grooming
  5. Sexist and racist attitudes
  6. Xenophobic acts
  7. Excluding a person just for wearing black and having tattoos
  8. Not accepting older people in a certain group
  9. Do not give work to women because they can get pregnant
  10. Not accepting a child for coming from a public schoolSay that all South Americans are indigenous and poorly literate
  11. Do not play with red-haired children because you think they are weird
  12. Do not treat people who have spots on their skin that are of genetic origin because you think they can infect them.
  13. Do not play with disabled people because you think they do not have enough capacity
  14. To think that all blondes have painted hair.

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