Examples of prefixes with pre

The prefixes are morphemes (letters) without its own meaning. That is to say, that by themselves they have no meaning whatsoever but when placed in front of a word they modify its meaning. Thus, each prefix has a different goal or function. The prefix predesignates ” before “, ” priority “, ” before “, ” previously ” with respect to something.

How do you spell a word with a prefix prefix?

When the prefix is ​​alone, that is, without a word union, then it is written as follows: pre-

On the contrary, if it precedes a word, it not only alters its meaning but must be placed without hyphens or spaces in front of said word. For example: preview ; prejudice ; predisposition .

What words can have the prefix pre-?

Words prefixed with pre can be:

  • Nouns ; for example in words like  prehistory , prewash or prefix .
  • Adjectives ; as illustrious  or  arrogant.
  • Verbs ; such as predict , preview, or forecast

Exception to the rule

In the event that the concept to be accompanied by the prefix consists of more than one word, then it must be written separately from it. Example: Pre World War II; Pre Industrial Revolution; Pre May Revolution; etc. In these cases, the use of the prefix followed by a hyphen is not correct.

Examples of prefixes

  1. Notice
  2. Precede
  3. Preceramic
  4. Enlightened
  5. Parboiled
  6. Pre-columbian
  7. Preconstitutional
  8. Pre-contract
  9. Predict
  10. Pre-sport
  11. Predetermine
  12. Preach
  13. Predisposition
  14. Predominate
  15. Predominance
  16. Preeminence
  17. Preschool
  18. Preexisting
  19. Preexist
  20. Prefabrication
  21. Prefix
  22. Prefix
  23. Pre-philately
  24. Prefosa
  25. Prehellenic
  26. Prehistory
  27. Prejudge
  28. Premedication
  29. Prenatal
  30. Worried
  31. Worry
  32. Prepaid
  33. Prepotent
  34. Preproduction
  35. Pre-romantic
  36. Prescribe
  37. Preselection
  38. Feeling
  39. Presuppose
  40. Presupposition
  41. Pretext
  42. Foresee
  43. Preview

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