Examples of precious metals with great value

We usually believe that gold and silver are the only most valuable metals in the world, however there are many others. Precisely below we want to share some examples of precious metals with great value.


It is an extremely rare, valuable, silver-colored metal that is often used for its reflective properties. It has a very high melting point, as well as an amazing ability to resist corrosion. The largest producers of rhodium in the world are Russia, Canada and South Africa. It is used in search lights, mirrors, jewelry finishes, as well as in the automotive industry.


This is also another of the examples of precious metals in the world with great value. Platinum is characterized by its malleability, non-corrosive properties, and its density. It is also similar to palladium in its ability to withstand large amounts of hydrogen. The largest producers are Canada, South Africa and Russia, while it is used in jewelry, dentistry and aeronautics.


Without a doubt the most well-known precious metal in the world and one of the most valuable as well. It is characterized by its durability and malleability, not to mention that it is one of the favorite investment options of investors. Countries like the United States, China, Australia and South Africa are considered the largest gold producers. It is used in jewelry and in different industries such as electronics.


Ruthenium is a price metal that, due to its rarity, acquires enormous value in the market. It is characterized by being a very hard metal, in addition to having a high capacity to resist external elements. It is generally added as an alloy to platinum and palladium to increase hardness and strength. It is used frequently in the field of electronics and the countries with the highest production are Canada, Russia and countries in North and South America.


It is considered the most extreme member of the platinum group, an off-white metal that has a very high melting point, as well as being one of the densest and most corrosion-resistant elements. It is widely used in medicine, electronics, and the automotive industry, and is also used to make pens, compasses, and watches. South Africa is the country where this precious metal is produced the most.


This is another precious metal that in this case is one of the densest metals on the planet. It is characterized by having a bluish silver color, in addition to being a very hard and brittle metal, with an extremely high melting point. It is used as an alloy with other metals such as platinum to harden and make electronic contacts, filaments, etc. more resistant.


It is a precious metal that is characterized by a greyish white color, highly valued for its rarity, its malleability, as well as its stability in hot conditions and its ability to absorb a large amount of hydrogen at room temperature.

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