Examples of Pre employment contract

What is it?

The pre – employment contract is a legal document where a worker and an employer are obligated to (1) the second to hire the first and (2) the first to work for the second. In the event that the worker is working at the time of signing the preliminary contract , he / she agrees to leave it and start working in the new job . If any of the parties breaches the obligation to which they undertake, they would have the right to request compensation for the damages that may be generated to the injured party. The latter also appears in the pre-contract , along with other data such as the salary that the worker will receive or the tasks that he will have to perform.



On the one hand Mr. ___________________________________, provided with ID number __________________, resident of _________, domiciled on ___________________ street and on another Mr. ______________________________________, with ID number ___________________, neighbor of ___________, domiciled on ________________________________________ street.


D. _________________________________________, now The Company, acting on behalf of the merchant _________________, which has its headquarters en____________ as power granted to him before Notary ____________ ____________ in fecha____ of _____________________ number of ________ and its protocol .

D. _____________________________________________, from now on The Worker, in his own name and interest.

The intervening parties are recognized the necessary legal capacity to contract and be bound and for this purpose,


First. That the Worker at present and since _____ of __________ of ______ has been developing his professional services in the company _______________, with the professional category of ______________________________.

Second. That the Company has an urgent need to have the services of the Worker to take care of ____________________ work and for this circumstance it is willing to offer working conditions that economically and professionally considered improve those that you are currently enjoying in your company and, aware that , so that you do not suffer financial damages derived from your voluntary withdrawal and lack of notice, you cannot count on their services at this time, which is why you are offered through this document the subscription of a pre- employment contract based on the following:


I.- The worker formally undertakes and obliges to request before his company from the day following the signing of this preliminary contract, Voluntary redundancy and payment and settlement, thereby causing the termination of his contract work from fifteen days from that date.

II.- The company formalized with Worker ____ day of ______ __________ of contract work that will fit in your clausulado, at least the following clauses:

1) indefinite duration from the start.

2) Professional Category

3) Net monthly salary ______

4) Day Work _________________

5) Compensation complementary to that established in the Statute of Workers in the event of unilateral termination of the contract workby the company or by the will of the worker for contractual breaches and for any circumstance, except for the dismissal declared appropriate, of ___________ above the compensation legally established by Law.

III.- The breach of what is agreed in this document will empower to the parties to demand before the competent jurisdiction the damages and losses that may arise.

On ______ to ______ of _________________ of ______

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