Examples of Prayer of Love

The prayers of love are words that spring from the soul, from the deepest part of the being, expressed for the person whom one loves, with whom one is in love or with whom one wants to conquer. Since ancient times, expressions of love have identified us and surpasses gender, creed, culture, belief, sex and age.

You do not need to have a special condition or quality to love, to say or express a prayer of love , you only need to feel and love.

Here we will give you some examples of how to make a prayer of love.

Examples of Prayer of Love

  • Love crosses borders, crosses barriers without limits or disputes.
  • I love your smile, I love your details, I love your love so unfathomable and so affable.
  • For you I sigh, for you I would give my life, my soul, my body until I reach the depths of your being, avoiding monotony.
  • He who has known love, he who has loved with his heart, knows that love has the face of a woman.
  • Your love intoxicates me, your love pierces me, your love fills the emptiest corners of my soul.
  • I wrote your name on a paper where neither ink nor time, nor water, nor wind, will be able to erase it or make it disappear.
  •  The bird flies, but I cut my wings to be with you until the eternity of our times, together for infinity.
  • Your gestures, your expression, your warmth, your feeling are emotions that fill my heart with the purest and greatest love.
  • Because it cannot be today, because it cannot be tomorrow, the dawn, your dawn illuminate my eyes with the purest and sincere feeling that no one else can call more than love.
  • My thoughts fly with you, my lips get drunk, my chest hisses every time your face rises.

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