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Examples of Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is defined as the process in which the behavior is strengthened to make a behavior occur more frequently.

The positive reinforcement becomes like a addiction after having obtained something positive after having already done. For this reason, human beings, when they have positive reinforcements for their life, try to reinforce the behavior so that this is repeated in the future.

5 Examples of Positive Reinforcement

  1. You are doing an excellent job: when your children are doing an activity that is positive for their lives, congratulate them and encourage them to continue like this. With motivational words you are using positive verbal reinforcement you can use the following phrases: great you are doing excellently, very well how beautiful you are, among others.
  2. It’s good that you put your toys away: if you see that your children are playing and when they finish picking up their toys, use appropriate praise to motivate them and positively reinforce their efforts. You can congratulate them, or tell them how nice everything looks neat.
  3. Celebrate the effort: this is a good option for people to positively reinforce their goals and continue to seek more success, it is important so that they feel that their effort was worth it and that it is valued by everyone. For this, phrases such as: what happiness you did it are used, congratulations on your triumph.
  4. Value learning: when children learn to read, add, subtract, it is important to let them know that they are doing very well and that they will do better every day. They can be motivated to reinforce their knowledge with some recognition or simply by giving them what they like best.
  5. How good you ate everything: This phrase is a positive verbal reinforcement widely used to motivate the little ones in the house to eat everything.

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