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Examples of Positive Externalities

The positive externalities are those that are not used for their own benefit but seeks to benefit the whole society in general.

10 Examples of Positive Externalities

  1. When the neighbor wants to separate the houses and puts up a wall or fence, this benefits both families and without the other paying anything.
  2. By taking a regressive to facilitate the passage of vehicles benefits everyone in the community .
  3. By recycling garbage you are benefiting the whole of society as this avoids pollution .
  4. The manufacture of a popular dining room within an urbanization benefits those most in need.
  5. When a preschool is done in the community this benefits all the children who are close to it.
  6. The manufacture of a medicine module in the field where first aid can be given to the inhabitants of the area.
  7. Pharmacies benefit the entire community at large.
  8. The installation of public lighting which benefits everyone.
  9. The creation of a super social market benefits both producers and consumers.
  10. A community simon to take care of the children of working mothers. This benefits all mothers in a community.

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