Examples of Plural Words in English

The words in English respond to those terms that express quantity of a subject or an object. By speaking in the plural in English, as in Spanish, we mean more than two things.

The plural words in English , for the most part, are formed by adding an “s” to their singular form at the end of the word. Even so, there are words in English that respond to a series of rules, among which we find:

    • Words or nouns that end in “ch”, “s”, “sh”, “x”, and “z” form their plural by adding the ending “is”.
    • Words or nouns that end in “and” must be changed that consonant with “ies”.
    • The words or nouns that end in “f” form their plural by changing that consonant to “see”.
    • Words or nouns that end in “or” must add “es” to their plural.
    • Finally, there are words or nouns that change to plural to form a new word, as in the case of foot, its plural is feet.

15 Examples of Plural Words in English

1. Cat Cats Cats
1. Kiss Kisses Kisses.
2. Box Boxes Boxes.
3. Baby Babies Babies.
4. Ash Ashes Ashes
5. Urgency Urgencies Emergencies
6. Country Countries Countries.
7. Sky Skies Heavens.
8. Life Lives Lives.
9. Knife Knives Knives.
10. Mouse Mice Mice.
        11. Person People Persons.
        12.Tooth Teeth Teeth.
       14. Woman Women Women.
        15. Man Menu


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