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Examples of Plant-based Foods Vegetarian food

This type of food has to be part of our daily diet. It has a series of benefits that help keep our bodies in good health . So for this opportunity, we have to tell you about the examples of Plant-Based Foods .

Many people have chosen to consume these types of products to take a diet with a great source of vitamins minerals , among other benefits that they have. We already talked to you about foods of animal origin , which can be complemented to lead a healthy diet.

This type of food of plant origin does not have any kind of sacrifices and can be extracted from the earth. Something to keep in mind is that these are  foods that come from edible fruits and plants. Since you better understood its benefits, now we bring you these plant-based food options that are extremely healthy. Some of these foods contain protein , that is why vegetarians can lead a life away from the consumption of meat or derivatives.


  • regulate the digestive system
  • increase defenses
  • stimulate brain development
  • provide multiple nutrients
  • prevent diseases
  • help cure diseases
  • They do not contain chemical agents so they will always be a better option when it comes to feeding ourselves

Examples of plant-based foods

  • Soy:  One of the foods with a large source of minerals. It can be combined in different ways and it is excellent to consume soy on a recurring basis.
  • Nuts:  They have a myriad of properties, but it is a source of protein that helps regulate protein consumption.
  • Fruits: They have a large number of benefits, mainly in minerals and vitamins.


  1. Strawberry
  2. papaya
  3. mango
  4. banana
  5. Apple
  6. pear
  7. grape
  8. kiwy
  9. Orange
  10. tangerine
  • Vegetables:  Many of these have an excellent amount of vitamins, minerals. Its consumption is recommended in a balanced diet.
  1. onion
  2. carrot
  3. cauliflower
  4. celery
  5. cucumber
  6. dad
  7. tomatoes
  8. fennel
  9. celery
  10. I occupy
  11. yam
  12. zucchini
  13. peppers
  14. broccoli
  15. chard
  16. spinach
  17. pumpkin
  18. chard
  19. kale
  20. chili pepper

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