Examples of plains

A portion of land that has slight undulations is called a plain . They are found in different climates around the world and generally do not exceed 200 meters above sea level. However, there are some plains in highlands.

The plains are generally formed by accumulation of sediments that are transported both by the wind and by the water of the river or the sea. For this reason, they are usually areas that are highly used for agriculture (due to the mineral richness of the soil) and human habitat.

Types of plains

There are different types of plains

According to the type of training they have

  1. Plains by structure . They are plains that were not modified by wind, water or glaciers.
  2. Plains by erosion . They are plains that were formed by the erosion of either water, wind or glaciers.
  3. Depositional plains . This type of plains are formed thanks to the action of the wind, waves or glaciers that act to deposit different sediments and form rich soils for agriculture.

Depending on the type of location, a plain can be

  1. Coastal plain . They are plains that are generally produced by the decrease in sea level. This is considered as an extension of the continent.
  2. Inland plains . They are those plains that are far from the sea, that is, in the middle of the continents. These are generally made up of marine sediments.

Characteristics of the plains

  • There are no great variations in heights, although it is possible to observe isolated hills, buttes or hills.
  • If the plain is surrounded by mountains, it is called a plateau.
  • They do not have a large amount of tall vegetation, although it is possible that by human intervention they have planted trees in order to favor the direction of the winds or to stop them.
  • As for its fauna, being areas mostly populated by man, there are no large predatory mammals and medium-sized or small herbivores are mostly seen.

Examples of plains

  1. Central European Plain
  2. Cape Cod Bay in the USA
  3. Eastern European Plain
  4. San Francisco Bay in the US
  5. Southeast Coast of Iceland
  6. Minas Basin, Nova Scotia in Canada
  7. Great Plains of North America
  8. Gulf Coastal Plain
  9. Yellow Sea in Korea
  10. Wadden Sea. Found in the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark
  11. La Pampa in South America
  12. Grasslands in Argentina, southern Africa, Australia, and central Eurasia
  13. Port of Tacoma in the USA
  14. Dōgo Plain in Japan
  15. Pampas region in South America
  16. Chongming Dongtan Nature Reserve in Shanghai
  17. Alaskan and Canadian tundra in the northern hemisphere
  18. Valencian coastal plain

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