Examples of Phrases to congratulate Christmas

Examples of short phrases to congratulate your loved ones on Christmas:
With my best wishes so that the joy of the Christmas Holidays is repeated every day of the New Year.
Christmas is the best medicine to grow solidarity, peace and friendship.
Christmas is a time of love and solidarity: it can lift the spirits of the poorest and sadden the rich.

I want to share with you my best Christmas wishes of love, peace and friendship.

Sometimes someone comes into your life and you know right away that they were born to be there. That’s why I miss you so much this Christmas …

Let Christmas enter your heart and last throughout the year

With all my love, I wish you that the magic of Christmas enlightens you and helps you achieve all your dreams.

If you wander the world looking for the spirit of Christmas, you won’t see it. Christmas is seen with the heart.

In the market you can buy marzipan, nougat, turkey … but you cannot buy friendship, it is a homemade recipe. Merry Christmas!!

This Christmas with my family, I will miss your smile, your joy and your companionship. Merry Christmas

How Wonderful Christmas is! Good wishes cannot be bought with all the money in the world. That is why I wish you all the best for you and yours …

I just understood the saying: A father fora hundred children and not a hundred children for a father. Merry Christmas Dad.

What is it that unites hearts and minds? The magic of Christmas …

My warmest wishes for you this Christmas … And my purest and most passionate kisses, hugs and squeezes. Congratulations!

Once again, with the arrival of Christmas, life throbs with fraternal feelings, and a magical innocence awakens within us. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

My best wishes so that the Spirit of Christmas not only touches the souls, but penetrates them.

May the best of the year that passes be the worst of the year that begins.

With my best wishes, forMay this Silent Night be just the beginning of a very successful Year.

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