Examples of Phrases in the Past Simple in English

The sentences in the past simple or also known as a simple past , are those containing a verb either regular or irregular in the past tense. These types of verb conjugations are used to determine an action that began in the past, but ended in the same time.

The regular verbs in English provide us with the process of drawing up the prayers , since it is only necessary agregarles “ed” to become past tense. Contrary to irregular verbs, since not all are conjugated in the same way, so it is necessary to memorize each one to make its transformation into the past tense.

15 Examples of  Phrases in the Past Simple in English


  1. married Joseph one month ago (I was married to Joseph about a month ago).
  2. They watched Until ten o’clok television yesterday (They saw television until 10 last night).
  3. Studied for His chemistry class (he study for chemistry class).
  4. They worked together for many years (they worked together for a long time).
  5. Mentioned it to you many times (Te I mentioned several times).
  6. They answered all the questions (They answered all questions).
  7. Traveled to Spain last summer (I traveled to Spain last summer)
  8. He needed to speak Spanish in order to get the job .
  9. You arrived 30 minutes late ( You arrived 30 minutes late).
  10. The employee fixed the machine (the employee arranged the machine).


  1. wrote a letter to His father (He wrote a letter to his father).
  2. She came to visit me yesterday (She came to see me yesterday).
  3. The party Began at nine o’clock (The party began at nine).
  4. They sold juice there (They sold juice there).
  5. felt so sick last night (I felt very sick last night).

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