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Examples of Philosophy

The philosophy can be defined in various ways, but in essence it is a branch of knowledge of the human being. It is made up of incorporeal elements in terms of ideas and concepts, in addition to the knowledge that a person can acquire in relation to philosophy is derived from traditional methods to learn through the senses.

People who are dedicated to learning about philosophy generally intend to seek knowledge for the sake of having it and not for some other purpose.

In addition, one of the factors that influences the learning of philosophy is curiosity, on the other hand it is known that it is not only considered as a discipline , but is also an intrinsic act of the human being , it is a natural way of people for reflect on your environment , everything around you and even your own existence.

It coincides on one point with religion , and that is that both have the objective of unraveling everything related to the existence of the human being, although it also has a key difference and that is that it is not moved by any divine factor or any question of faith, for On the contrary, what moves philosophy is reasoning.

20 Examples of Philosophy

  1. The study of the traditions and customs of a country or culture.
  2. Acting based on one’s own morality, knowing how to discern between good and bad.
  3. Consider what is good and what is bad.
  4. Think and reflect on a topic before presenting it to others.
  5. Constantly thinking about the human being and his indefinite stay in this world beyond the physical plane.
  6. Philosophy is in anyone, when we write a love letter or a song.
  7. When we make a review of our life and we hypothesize it.
  8. When we are curious to know the human being, nature, the universe and life itself.
  9. Analyze and criticize are the tools to philosophize.
  10. When we share stories of our ancestors with a group of people.
  11. Conduct metaphysical studies.
  12. Think logically in any situation where it arises.
  13. Try to understand the behavior of some people after analyzing their history of origin.
  14. Think about the immorality of certain situations.
  15. Try to create your own definition of love, happiness, sadness, loneliness, etc.
  16. What do I need to know in order to achieve my work goals?
  17. Establish boundaries between what is humanly possible and what is not.
  18. Understand and differentiate the different political currents.
  19. Study the best way to communicate with a group of people with similar characteristics.
  20. Understand the reason for your actions
  21. The interpretation of dreams you have while you sleep.

Philosophy Classification

Philosophy can be classified into types or rather branches, the best known and most debated are the following:

  • Philosophy of Being: this is in charge of studying the being in terms of being, that is, a man in his daily life, his thoughts and the philosophy of being of God.
  • Philosophy of Thinking: studies the thought, nature and validity of knowledge.
  • Philosophy of Acting: studies the acts of human beings, that is, the behavior of man in society and values.

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