Examples of Petroleum Derivatives

Basically to call it a  derivative , the raw material must be made up of oil . Crude oil is generally used for the production of fuels , such as gasoline. However, it can also derive some chemical substances that cause different types of petroleum derivatives to exist 

It can be defined as the substances that are worked in refineries thanks to the processing of oil . There are a lot of opinions about the use of these products. Some people consider that it is more advisable to avoid them, while others use it constantly.

Examples of petroleum derivatives

  1. Liquid gasoline:  It is the main derivative and that is made from crude oil. It is a special fuel for cars or airplanes.
  2. Vaseline
  3. Soaps
  4. Detergents for washing
  5. Lubricants:  Another product that is manufactured on a recurring basis, can be from motor oils, oils for machinery in general, as well as auto additives.
  6. Paints
  7. Waterproofing
  8. Make-up
  9. Paraffins:  You can find this product more frequently. It is used to create candles.
  10. Polyvinyl Chloride:  One of the products where oil is most exploited, this is also known as  PVC. We can obtain a wide variety of products such as: electrical cables, plastics, varnishes, bottles or furniture.
  11. Latex
  12. Synthetic fabrics

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