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Examples of patrimonial words and cultism

Heritage words are defined as those Castilian words that arose from vulgar Latin and that were imposed on the towns that were conquered by the Romans. Later that Latin was mixed with the languages ​​of the indigenous peoples.

And cultismo are words of Latin origin which have been introduced into Spanish without undergoing any type of change or transformation.

Examples of Heritage Words and Cultism

  1. Brother: Germanus.
  2. Eye: oculum
  3. Label: Siguillum.
  4. Haya: fagea.
  5. Man: hominen.
  6. Toxic: toxicus.
  7. Number: chimney.
  8. Spirit: Spiritum.
  9. Fraternal: fraternus.
  10. Beekeeper: beekeeper.
  11. Layman: laicus.
  12. Bovid, ox: bove.
  13. Vago: vagus.
  14. Fable: speak.
  15. hostile, host.
  16. herbicide, herb.
  17. collar, neck.
  18. cause, thing.
  19. filial, son.
  20. Labor, tilling.
  21. Lupanar, wolf.
  22. Opera, work.
  23. Lacrimal, tear.
  24. Ovule, egg.
  25. Paternal, father.
  26. Portal, door.
  27. Regicide, king.
  28. Service, king.
  29. Vitality, life.
  30. Dominate, owner.
  31. Lodging, guest.
  32. Article, articulum.
  33. Integro, integrum.
  34. Sign, signum.
  35. Frigid, frigidum.
  36. Primeiro, primary.
  37. Palace, palatine.

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