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Examples of Patience

What is patience?

Patience, some consider it a virtue, others consider it a gift , which consists of accepting things as they are without affecting or altering the normal course of life. The word patience is of Latin origin, whose meaning is “to suffer” . It is for this reason that when a person lives without regret, silently enduring an unpleasant situation, we are in the presence of someone with patience.

According to what Aristotle professed, patience is the ability to overcome strong emotions caused by misfortunes or afflictions. That is why this quality or virtue is closely linked with mature people, as they develop an intuitive ability, the ability to speak, listen and pay attention to the little things in front of each of the decisions that they can make.

The value of patience

Many people around the planet have considered patience, more than a virtue, a value and in the adult population, they consider it synonymous with maturity . In this sense, according to the situation that arises, patience can be considered from various aspects, namely:

  • From the point of view of perseverance: the ability to endure and persist in the face of adverse situations, setbacks or slow situations, is one of the ways to express patience. People who have this gift or virtue understand that when faced with this situation, getting upset, confused or upset will not solve anything at all, however, waiting and knowing how to act when appropriate is a skill that very few possess.
  • From a tolerance standpoint: the ability to stay calm while someone else is upset or flustered is one of the characteristics of patience. Instead of getting upset and playing the game of discussion, patient people wait calmly and at the right or right moment express their point of view, without getting upset or upset others by going over them.
  • From the point of view of self-control: the ability to remain calm, to control oneself in difficult situations or to respond in the most appropriate way is one of the characteristics of patience and is that many define patience as a form of self-control. This allows you to think clearly and act in the most correct way in certain situations.

Example phrases about patience

  1. Drop by drop the glass is filled.
  2. Little by little you go far.
  3. Patience is hope with a lit lamp.
  4. Rome was not conquered in a day.
  5. The best is made to wait.
  6. Easy comes, easy goes.
  7. Drop by drop, the water drills the stone.
  8. God’s time is perfect.
  9. Not by much getting up early it dawns earlier.
  10. Patience is the art of hope.

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