Examples of Passive Income

The passive income  are those that are obtained without the need to invest long hours of work or great physical and mental effort. However, we must emphasize that much of the income that is now passive is the result of a long time dedicated to the creation and development of businesses, which now generate passive income for its creators.

The difference between passive and active income is that to obtain the latter it is necessary to work for 4, 6, 8 or more hours a day. Instead, passive income is received from the work of third parties or virtual businesses such as a web page.

Examples of passive income

  1. Rent a place or a house.
  2. Create a blog generate money through subscriptions or advertising space.
  3. Sell ​​online courses that are already recorded or pre-written.
  4. Investing in the stock.
  5. Invest in potentially successful startups.
  6. Live from advertising on social networks.
  7. Money obtained from royalties.
  8. Interest on loans.
  9. Rent a car for someone else to use on Uber.
  10. Rent machinery or equipment to a company in exchange for a monthly fee.

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