Examples of Partitive Adjectives and Partitive Nouns

It is termed as adjectives those words that accompany the substantive and whose function is to provide additional information to the noun which they qualify. In turn, within the adjectives , it is possible to find a type of adjective that is responsible for quantifying, that is, counting one or more objects. These are called partitive adjectives. So a partitive adjective is one that must express a portion or part of a whole. These are also called divisor adjectives .

On the other hand, a partitive noun is also responsible for representing a part of a whole . Therefore, what differentiates both partitives is their location within the sentence. This will become clearer with the following explanation:

Difference between partitive nouns and partitive adjectives

It is important not to confuse a partitive noun with a partitive adjective; the first place the partitive in the place of the nucleus , while in the second case (acting as adjectives ) they do so accompanying the main noun of the sentence. For example, it is a partitive noun : “One third of the population disagrees with the measure proposed by the government.” In this example ” one third ” acts as a partitive noun . But in this other example: Franco ate half a pizza, ” media ” is a partitive adjective and not apartitive noun because it is in the place of a direct modifier.

So when the partitive is in the place of the nucleus, as a subject or as a direct object , it is a partitive noun but when it is in place of a direct modifier, then it is a partitive adjective . In addition, partitive nouns are followed by the preposition “of” (as in the example mentioned above) or “of”, while partitive adjectives are not.

Most used partitives

Some partitives are:

  1. ½ a half, a half.
  2. 1/3 one third
  3. ¼ a quarter
  4. 1/5 a fifth; 2/5 two fifths
  5. 1/6 a sixth; 4/6 four sixths
  6. 1/7 a seventh; 5/7 five sevenths
  7. 1/8 One eighth; 7/8 seven eighths
  8. 1/9 a ninth; 4/9 four ninths
  9. 1/10 a tenth; 7/10 seven tenths
  10. 1/11 an eleventh
  11. 3/45 three forty-five
  12. 11/98 eleven ninetychoavos
  13. 3/101 three hundred and one
  14. 1/20 one twentieth
  15. 3/30 three thirtieth
  16. 4/100 four hundredths
  17. 7/1000 seven hundredths
  18. 9/10000 nine ten thousandths
  19. 4/1000000 four millionths
  20. 1/200 one two hundredth or one hundredth.
  21. 3/2000 three two-thousandths or three two-thousandths
  22. 6/500 six five hundredths or six fifty hundredths

10 Examples of Partitive Adjectives

  1. I took half a sleeping pill
  2. Paulo had half a bottle of wine
  3. The ninth edition of the book you wanted so much was published
  4. You must buy half a kilo of bread for dinner
  5. We have to donate tenth of our income to charity
  6. The team president has been re-elected for third consecutive term
  7. The seer knew that she had a highly developed sixth sense
  8. This will be the beauty pageant number tenth first in our city
  9. This is the fifth time I repeat it
  10. The half of the flag of the prisoners escaped that night of the fire.

10 Examples of Partitive Nouns

  1. One sixth of the students voted against the school proposal
  2. Three-quarters of the guests woke up offended and left the party
  3. One third of the population are unemployed
  4. A fifth of the interviewees preferred not to answer this question
  5. The  eleventh percent of children do not want to go on that excursion
  6. The fourth part of the inheritance is for you
  7. Humans spend a third of our lives sleeping
  8. Only a quarter of production corresponds to the company’s net profits
  9. The majority of children will not come this evening to play
  10. The minority of people die young

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